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Getting the Deal Through: Dispute Resolution 2019 – Germany

Juli 2019 - Unsere Partnerinnen Dr. Vanessa Pickenpack und Dr. Susanne Maurer im Interview mit Getting The Deal Through

In the overview for the German market developments Dr. Vanessa Pickenpack and Dr. Susanne Maurer are covering current developments in the commercial disputes and arbitration landscape in Germany, such as the new DIS arbitration rules, collective enforcement of consumer rights, the growing significance of private enforcement of antitrust damages as well as the impact of a potential Brexit. This year’s GTDT’s Dispute Resolution market intelligence covers trends in 15 jurisdictions worldwide, ranging from Brazil, Cyprus and Hong Kong to Mexico, Russia, UK and the U.S.

Getting the Deal Through works with many of the best lawyers and law firms in the world to bring together a unique legal information resource, written by experts on each subject area, in every significant jurisdiction.


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Quelle: Getting The Deal Through - July 2019

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