Private Clients

Private Clients

Our consulting services are as diverse as life itself.

As an entrepreneur, owner family, high net worth individual, foundation or family office, are you looking for comprehensive advice on your private affairs? 

We are here for you: we have the right experts for almost every situation in life. For many years, our clients have trusted us with their affairs such as family constitution, family (corporate) governance, succession, induction of the next generation, disputes within the family, corporate succession, unwelcome press coverage, social commitment or special assets (e.g. real estate, shareholdings, art, vintage cars, aircraft, hunting rights, yachts). We find you the right solutions - discreetly, reliably and in constant dialogue with all parties involved.

You will benefit from our full-service consulting services. Our experts come, in particular, from the fields of tax and non-profit law, corporate and insolvency law, association and foundation law, transaction law, press law, litigation and dispute resolution, employment law, real estate law, public law, IT law and data protection, as well as contract law. 

With our outstanding international and interdisciplinary network of renowned partners, we are ideally positioned to handle all the affairs of our demanding clients and to find efficient solutions.

Our advisory services in the private clients sector include:

Personal protective measures and family

  • Establishment and reorganisation of family companies, asset management companies and family foundations
  • Family constitutions, family (business) governance concepts and family education
  • Wealth succession (gifts and inheritance) with a special focus on the appropriate tax optimisation, asset protection and preservation of family assets as well as financial security for surviving dependants
  • Legal and practical support in (international) inheritance disputes and estate settlements
  • Mediation in family disputes
  • Marriage and partnership contracts
  • Due diligence under inheritance law
  • Protection against private or business-related incapacity to act through individual (lasting) powers of attorney, guardianship directives and living wills as well as adjustments to shareholdings and memberships
  • (Family) privacy – protecting one's own privacy as well as the privacy of family members by evaluating, monitoring, retrieving and avoiding publicly viewable data. Action against unwelcome press coverage
  • Cyber-attacks (prevention and defence, together with our expert network ENUR)


  • National and international establishment or reorganisation of your company. Mergers
  • Optimisation of corporate organisation and corporate governance
  • Acquisition and sale of companies or interests in companies
  • Company disputes, especially among family members
  • Corporate succession:
    Gifts and inheritance with special attention to tax optimisation and asset protection;
    Sale of the company, if necessary with tax-optimised re-investment or with measures of anticipated succession

Non-profit status and other consulting focal points

  • Advice on charitable engagements, taking into account national and international tax charity law
  • Foundation and ongoing consulting of non-profit organisations
  • Real estate transactions as well as the structuring of family real estate assets
  • Preservation of art and private collections including advice on tax particularities and copyright issues
  • Advice on shareholding and operating structures under aviation law and tax law, in particular on the establishment and optimisation of operator concepts for non-commercial air traffic

We also offer a range of innovative consulting approaches:

Dr. Axel Wenzel<br/>LL.M. (Norwich)

Dr. Axel Wenzel
LL.M. (Norwich)


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50668 Cologne
T +49 221 2091 455
F +49 221 2091 333

Am Sandtorkai 74
20457 Hamburg
T +49 40 808 105 523







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