Succession, Wealth and Foundations

Succession, Wealth and Foundations

Family means obligation. We build trust.

Careful planning is critical to a successful business and asset succession. We help to bring together even the most diverse of interests both inside and outside the company and owner family, achieving the optimal result – tailored to your individual needs and in constant dialogue with all parties involved.

For many years we have been advising entrepreneurs, owner families and wealthy private individuals on how to structure and secure the succession to their company or assets, also bearing cross-border aspects in mind. This includes advising founders and foundations with family-related or charitable objectives.

We know what arrangements you can use to reduce inheritance and gift tax and how you can simultaneously keep your private and business arrangements flexible.

With an outstanding international and interdisciplinary network of renowned network partners, we are ideally positioned to handle all issues brought by our demanding clients and to find efficient solutions.   

Our range of advice in the field of succession, wealth and foundations includes:

  • Inheritance, corporate and foundation law arrangements and their tax optimization
  • Due diligence under inheritance law
  • Company and asset succession (gifts and bequests)
  • Transfer of assets during lifetime
  • Asset management by family companies and foundations
  • Settlement and administration of estates
  • Marriage and cohabitation agreements
  • Non-profit law
  • Family constitutions, family business governance concepts and family education
  • International and cross-border aspects of inheritance, family, corporate and tax law

In addition, we offer a range of innovative advisory approaches:

Dr. Axel Wenzel<br/>LL.M. (Norwich)

Dr. Axel Wenzel
LL.M. (Norwich)


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Strong in collaborating with the corporate and tax law groups.

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