Dispute Resolution – Litigation – Arbitration Proceedings

Dispute Resolution – Litigation – Arbitration Proceedings

All conflicts are different.

Ideally, conflict resolution begins long before a dispute arises. We make sure that your contracts are drafted with foresight, clearly defining rights and obligations, with a view to significantly reducing conflict potential and risks.

We use the appropriate conflict resolution mechanisms to ensure that matters are settled as early, quickly and cost-effectively as possible and we advise you on how to structure your contracts to avoid disputes.

Many disputes can be avoided from the outset or successfully settled amicably out of court. We support you by realistically analyzing the opportunities and risks, providing you with clear recommendations for action. Together, we develop pragmatic conflict resolution strategies and negotiation approaches that represent your interests, never losing sight of the concrete business relationship and the conflict situation.

Where disputes are unavoidable, we represent your interests in proceedings before the state courts and arbitration tribunals, delivering convincing arguments and individually tailored litigation tactics.

We assist and represent you in all phases of conflict avoidance and conflict resolution:

Conflict avoidance / risk management:

  • Examination, drafting and negotiation of contracts 
  • Examination and drafting of individual contract clauses, e.g. on warranty, liability, termination, choice of law
  • Advice on the choice of conflict resolution mechanisms and drafting of conflict resolution clauses, including jurisdiction and arbitration clauses as well as arbitrator agreements

Out-of-court dispute resolution / advice on negotiated solutions:

  • Appraisal of commercial law issues, e.g. in connection with claims for damages and recourse
  • Assessment of the enforceability of your own claims and the risks of opponents’ claims
  • Joint definition of realistic goals and the development of negotiation strategies that represent your interests
  • Support in out-of-court negotiations, either as consultants in the background or as negotiators

Litigation before the state courts and arbitration tribunals:

  • Representation in all types of civil proceedings, including attachment proceedings, injunction proceedings and proceedings to secure evidence
  • In arbitration proceedings we act both as party representatives and as arbitrators (e.g. DIS, ICC, ad hoc proceedings)
  • Enforcement and defense against the enforcement of titles at home and abroad
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Dr. Vanessa Pickenpack


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