Insolvency and Restructuring

Insolvency and Restructuring

From crisis prevention to crisis management: Our specialists are at your side.

Most companies only have to deal with crises and insolvencies in exceptional cases. This makes it particularly important to be able to call on specialists for such challenges, who have special experience in crisis prevention and crisis management due to their daily handling of corporate crises.

We provide comprehensive advice before, during and after a crisis. Our clients are lenders, secured parties, suppliers, customers, shareholders and managers of companies in economic distress.

Our range of advice in the fields of insolvency law and restructuring include:

  • Advising creditors and debtors in the preliminary stages of insolvency
  • Negotiations on securing supply chain relationships (Distressed Suppliers)
  • Advice of executive bodies and shareholders before and during the crisis
  • Out-of-court restructuring and the aversion of insolvency
  • Advice within Debtor-in-Possession proceedings
  • Draft and review of insolvency plans
  • Acquisition of insolvent companies (Distressed M&A)
  • Investment in companies threatened with insolvency
  • Insolvency disputes
  • Insolvency processing and Liquidation



Insolvency and Restructuring (PDF)

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