IT Law and Data Protection

Our experts have many years of experience in all areas of classic IT law and new media. Here, we advise providers and customers on their regular business affairs and during transactions. In cases of outsourcing (IT and business processes/BPO), we provide advice to providers and customers throughout the entire outsourcing process, from the invitation for tenders to the preparation and negotiation of the corresponding contracts. 

In matters concerning data protection law we extensively advise German and international clients on all questions relating to data protection. Our advice includes an examination of the permissibility of data processing, the preparation of documents and representation before the supervisory authorities. We conduct data protection audits of individual areas or of entire enterprises in order to determine the status of compliance and identify any required action. In cooperation with our employment law experts, we advise on internal company data protection regulations.

Our range of advice in the field of IT law includes, inter alia:
  • Preparation and negotiation of software contracts, e.g. for the creation, licensing, servicing and maintenance, and the distribution of software etc.
  • Accompanying advice during IT projects and project contracts
  • Outsourcing (IT and business processes/BPO)
  • Cloud computing: advice, contract structuring, assistance with certification
  • E-commerce and m-commerce
  • Legal peculiarities of social media

Our range of advice in the field of data protection includes, inter alia:

  • Data protection audits
  • Support in the preparation of the necessary documentation (procedure lists, guidelines, declarations of consent and contracts on commissioned data processing)
  • Examination of the permissibility of intended projects under data protection law
  • Internal company regulations on data protection, in particular ITC shop agreements and the regulation of e-mail and Internet use at the work place.
  • Examination of group-internal and external data transfers, in particular into third countries and the preparation of the corresponding documentation,
  • Assistance with official enquiries and investigations
  • Support and representation in disputes concerning data protection

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