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A sure footing in uncharted territory: Oppenhoff & Partner trains companies in its “Digital Academy”

Industry 4.0, online contracts for insurance policyholders, recall risks for wearables or the management of rights via the blockchain: digitisation is making its way into almost all areas of life and is changing the world as we know it. Technologies such as Big Data applications, the Internet of Things or Distributed Ledgers are creating new opportunities and values for many industries, but are also bringing with them a multitude of legal definition questions and disputes. For all companies facing digitisation and its legal challenges across the board, Oppenhoff’s Digital Academy provides answers to legal questions in the digital age.


The Digital Academy offers legal and specialist departments training in concrete projects in the field of digitisation in personal meetings or interactive online sessions. Within the scope of the service, Oppenhoff’s advisors impart the knowledge they have gained from numerous cases in the field of digital transformation, providing tailor-made advice to clients. In addition, in its Digital Academy the firm collaborates with the most renowned partners from science, business and technology, including the German Economic Institute (Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft, IW), the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnologie, BSI), the IT experts ecambria Systems and the Institute for Leadership Culture in the Digital Age (Institut für Führungskultur im digitalen Zeitalter, IFIDZ).


Dr. Jürgen Hartung, Partner at Oppenhoff & Partner and Head of the firm's Digital Business Group, commented: "Digitisation is a long-term process and will keep the economy and companies busy for decades to come. However, many projects and even somewhat complex legal questions already need to be initated or answered now. We have amassed valuable know-how in the relevant areas of law and have handled ground-breaking cases, helping our clients with the fundamentals as well as with specialised topics. This particularly applies to medium-sized companies which may not have a specialised legal department."


Oppenhoff’s lawyers advise, for example, on data protection law, the protection of intellectual property, software contracts, product recalls and the taxation of digital business models. In addition, the network partners pass on their knowledge in the areas of business/technology and soft skills, such as artificial intelligence, IT basics / cyber security, as well as management and leadership in digital transformation.


Dr. Axel Wenzel, Partner of Oppenhoff & Partner and initiator of the Oppenhoff Academy, commented: "Our tailor-made training is aimed at in-house lawyers as well as managing directors and company employees from all areas. We offer the modules in both German and English, in the form of web-seminars and/or as on-site training. If help is needed with projects in digital transformation, we are ready to make an individual offer."


Information on the Oppenhoff Digital Academy programme can be found at: https://www.oppenhoff.eu/en/range-of-advice/oppenhoff-digital-academy.html


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