Digital Business

Digital Business

Digitization is making its way into almost all areas of life and is changing the world as we know it.

New technologies such as Big Data applications, Internet of Things or Distributed Ledger are changing the economy and creating new applications and values for numerous industries, but are also bringing with them a multitude of new demarcation issues and disputes.

In the IT and telecommunications sector, our experts have accompanied the development of this industry from the very beginning. They know the business-critical issues of start-ups and corporations - and their products.

We advise you across the board on the legal challenges associated with digitization.

Our range of advice includes:

  • Data protection law

  • Know-how protection / IP in the digital world

  • Out- and insourcing

  • Distribution structures

  • Open Source Software, Software as a Service and other products
  • IT security law

  • Taxation of digital business models

  • Competition law and digital platforms

  • Product recall

Dr. Jürgen Hartung

Dr. Jürgen Hartung


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