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Practice Areas

Dr. Alexander Willemsen

Attorney (Rechtsanwalt), Specialized Lawyer for Employment Law
Practice Areas:

Employment Law


German, English

Office Cologne

Telephone: +49 221 2091 551
Telefax: +49 221 2091 333



Alexander Willemsen advises German and international enterprises on all questions of individual and collective labour law. The focuses of his activities are the restructuring of enterprises and businesses as well as the labour law aspects of M&A transactions. In addition thereto, he specialises in the drafting and termination of service and employment contracts, as well as acting on the employers’ side in disputes with works councils and trade unions.


Career / Education

Alexander Willemsen is a partner of Oppenhoff & Partner and a specialized lawyer for employment law. He studied law at the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg and at the Washington University in St. Louis, USA. During his further vocational training he completed stations at the Federal Ministry for Economics and Labour and in the labour law department of a major German law firm. In 2009 he earned his doctorate (Dr. iur.) on a labour law topic at the University of Cologne under Prof. Dr. Ulrich Preis.

Alexander Willemsen is a member of the European Employment Lawyers Association (EELA) and the syndicate of Employment Law at the DAV.


Books and Legal Commentaries

Social Media und Compliance [Social media and compliance] Verlag CH Beck, 2015, Chapter "Regelungen zur Nutzung von Social Media für Arbeitnehmer – Guidelines und ihre Grenzen" [Regulations on the use of social media for employees – guidelines and their boundaries]

"Einführung und Inhaltskontrolle von Ethikrichtlinien" [Introduction and review of contents of codes of conduct] Centaurus Verlag, Freiburg 2009; simultaneously Diss. University of Cologne, 2008


Articles and Essays

"Urlaubsrecht des EuGH für die Praxis: Verfallsdatum unbekannt“ [Practical application of the ECJ’s vacation law: expiry date unknown], Legal Tribune Online, 14 November 2018

"Fußball-WM im Betrieb – Fragen und Antworten” [Football World Cup at work – questions and answers], Interview with Jörn Kuhn/Alexander Willemsen, DER BETRIEB dated 8 June 2018 page M28

"Kein eigenes Recht des Konzernbetriebsrats auf pauschale Freistellung seiner Mitglieder" [No own right of the group works council to the general release of its members from their duties], DER BETRIEB dated 10 March 2017

“WM-Tippspiele im Betrieb – Fragen und Antworten” [World Cup sweepstakes at work – questions and answers], Interview with Jörn Kuhn/Alexander Willemsen, DER BETRIEB dated 22 June 2016 page M26

"Dauer des Restmandats des Betriebsrats bei Betriebsschließung" [Duration of the remaining term of office of the works council in case of a business closure] DER BETRIEB 2016, p.717

"Arbeitsrechtliche Aspekte von Social Engineering Audits" [Employment law aspects of social engineering audits] (in collaboration with Jörn Kuhn) DER BETRIEB 2016, p. 111

"Gestaltungsspielräume bei Tarifsozialplänen" [Scope for structuring collective social plans] NZA 2012, p. 593 (in collaboration with Jörn Kuhn)