"Treated with respect and always someone willing to listen"


Having heard tales from a friend who already worked at Oppenhoff and after extensive online research, I opted for this very traditional law firm which, besides having an international clientele, also cultivates its ties with Cologne. 

From the very outset I was treated as a fully-fledged member of the team and was very swiftly integrated into current case work. I particularly like the fact that the work is often interdisciplinary, providing a greater insight into other fields of law and departments. The lawyers all treat you with respect, often asking for your legal appraisal, thus directly involving you in the case and allowing you to contribute to the decision-making process. You are encouraged to work independently, inducing you learn to think like a lawyer at an early stage. 

The firm also offers extensive further educational opportunities such as, for example, monthly tutorials on various areas of law rounded off with an informal social gathering, or a regular weekly Legal English course. 

The firm also truly practices an open-door policy. You will always find someone to listen, be it on legal problems and questions or concerning personal issues. The latter, in particular, are taken very seriously and assistance is quickly offered, be it in the form of advice, time-off for exams or help in the event of illness. I would particularly like to highlight the encouragement and assistance I received from the female lawyers, whatever their level of seniority in the firm: you will always find someone willing to listen and understand you. 

Through everything I have learned and experienced during my time at Oppenhoff & Partner to date, I feel I have matured both professionally and, above all, personally. I have gained valuable experience, which will doubtlessly greatly benefit me in my future career.”