"Learning for life" by Martina Petrova


Learning for life…. during my time at university this principle already served me well as a guideline for my studies. In practical terms, for me this meant gaining work experience as soon as possible and gaining a personal insight into the different possible areas of work of a legal professional.

When I was given the opportunity to absolve my practical training in the corporate law/M&A team of Dr. Gesell, I gladly grasped it. My initial fears of the supposedly harsh work environment in a large-scale commercial law firm were soon allayed. The work atmosphere in Dr. Gesell’s team was very pleasant and was char-acterised by personal contact and respect amongst colleagues. During my practical training, I was automatically integrated into the team and regularly included in the work processes. It was because of these positive experiences that I subsequently decided on sideline employment as a research assistant and returned to my former department in the firm. 

Learning for and through practical experience remains my motivation. At Oppenhoff & Partner I can get to the bottom of legal research issues as well as case-related situations. The work is diverse, exciting and challenging, and there is no lack of team spirit and enjoyment. This has provided me with a broad impression of the practical side of the profession and, at this early stage of my studies, I have already profited from the legal and social competence of my colleagues. Not only have I drawn legal know-how from my training, but also professional motivation for my university studies and personal life. 

Martina Petrova