"Good impression of the day-to-day work of a lawyer"


During my internship I worked as a trainee lawyer on Oppenhoff’s labour law team. My aim was to optimise the knowledge I had gained during my focus on labour law at university through practical work experience as a lawyer and to simultaneously determine whether I could conceive a future career as a (commercial) lawyer.


From my very first day at work I was integrated into the team and given an in-depth insight into the day-to-day work of a lawyer in a large law firm. My work included, amongst other things, the drafting of memos and pertaining research on legal issues, the drafting of statements of claim, respectively defence, as well as the drafting of (in some cases bilingual) shop agreements or other contracts. In the process, I learned both the legal counselling aspects and, especially, structuring aspects of these activities and was also able to independently assist in their organisation.


My respective mentor was always available to discuss legal questions and my conclusions – I felt that I was free to ask any and all questions at any time. This created a very pleasant working environment. Moreover, I was able to learn a great deal, which will doubtlessly greatly benefit me in my future career.


Interns can participate in numerous further educational offers. For example, there is a regular weekly Legal English course. Attendance of this course was a welcome and diverse combination of learning and fun, as much due to being able to work together with other interns and associates as to how well the lessons were structured by the teachers. The contact with other interns and research assistants is very close in any event, encouraged through regular meals together and the informal fortnightly Friday-night gatherings at the firm.


On the whole, I have been given an insight into a broad range of activities of a labour lawyer; now having many interesting and diverse experiences under my belt, I can definitely imagine working as a lawyer in a commercial law firm after my internship.