"Excellent working climate and attractive training program"


I got to know Oppenhoff & Partner during my legal clerkship and, subsequent to my second state exam, have now also returned to the firm to work as a legal clerk on the corporate law team whilst working on my doctorate.


I was already impressed by the concept of an internship at Oppenhoff & Partner during my job interview. My first impressions were confirmed time and again over the three months of my internship. From the very first day I was put to work on interesting cases. I assisted in handling an administrative decision procedure, drafted parts of the pertaining statement of claim, telephoned with the competent regional court and researched legal issues. I also assisted in corporate due diligences within the scope of various M&A transactions. Amongst other things, I checked the chain of title and assisted in the drafting of a due diligence report.


One particularly positive feature I would like to mention is that, in addition to being assigned a lead partner, during their internship at Oppenhoff & Partner interns are assigned a further lawyer from the respective team, who is then responsible for their training and who looks after them throughout the entire internship. It was very important to my mentor that I got to know all areas of her activities, so that I could gain a comprehensive picture of the work of a commercial lawyer. I was able to gain an insight into every area: from classic legal counselling, representation in civil proceedings, marketing, to the acquisition of new clients. My mentor was always willing to answer my questions and always found the time to discuss legal issues as well as the results of my work, even in times of extreme work pressure. I therefore found the working environment to be very pleasant and I felt very well integrated into my team and the law firm.


Oppenhoff & Partner definitely attaches great importance to an excellent working climate. The exchange between lawyers, legal and research assistants and interns, for example, also between the various teams, is nurtured. Special attention is also paid to employees maintaining a physical and mental balance. Besides the firm having its own fitness studio, there are yoga courses and massage appointments during the lunchbreak, as well as regular “Thank God it’s Friday” events.


Not forgetting the numerous further training opportunities which make Oppenhoff & Partner particularly attractive for an internship during a legal clerkship or for work as a research assistant. Such opportunities include, for one, the weekly held Legal English course. Additionally, there are revision seminars covering a diversity of fields in preparation of the second state exam as well as the possibility to practice case presentations in small groups. In the corporate law department, a so-called “Jour Fixe” is also held once a month, at which current problems and decisions from the field of corporate law are presented and discussed by and for all of the lawyers, legal assistants and trainee lawyers in this field. 


Through my decision to continue working at Oppenhoff & Partner also after my second state exam whilst working on my doctorate, I have been able to gain practical work experience in an interesting environment and at the same time still have adequate time to work on my doctorate because of the flexible structuring of working hours. A further advantage is that I am also able to draw on the knowledge and experience of the lawyers in the respective practice area at Oppenhoff & Partner when I have questions regarding my doctorate.