"Something new to learn every day"


Dirk Reintzsch, Associate, IT&C


“Having worked for a good two years as a research assistant at Oppenhoff & Partner, I didn’t have to think twice when I received the offer to start at Oppenhoff & Partner as a lawyer. I had truly enjoyed the diverse work on complex cases, often extending over several areas of law.


Equally as important to me was the very pleasant working environment, even during stressful work periods. The clichés generally circulating about commercial law firms, and which had also had me somewhat sceptical at first, were by no means confirmed.


My tip for all young professionals: ask many questions and listen carefully. There are countless opportunities to learn from experienced colleagues, who are always ready to listen and help you out.


Working in the field of Information, Technology & Communication, this encompasses a very broad spectrum of law – transactions, general terms and conditions, outsourcing contracts for enterprises in technology branches. There’s something new to learn every single day, especially when dealing directly with our clients. Things often take on a different perspective when seen through the eyes of a lawyer.


One of the best further educational courses at our firm is an extensive seminar on business management. This is extremely helpful to provide a better understanding of the commercial background of our work.“