Johannes Janning, LL.M. (LSE), Junior-Partner, Corporate Law/M&A; Insurance Law


“I have been an associate in the Corporate Law/M&A department of OPPENHOFF & PARTNER since the beginning of 2017. I had already previously worked as a lawyer at a leading international law firm. Already during my first few weeks at OPPENHOFF & PARTNER it became clear to me that work here meant close collaboration with the client, working on my own responsibility and the targeted advancement of my own legal training. If I were asked today to describe my work at OPPENHOFF & PARTNER in one word, it would be responsibility.

Responsibility for the client – besides having regular contact with legal departments I quickly found myself participating in telephone conferences and meetings with decision-makers and directors, not just as a listener, but as an consulting lawyer. In projects, which I work on independently, my lead partner is an important contact for me and his door is always open.

Responsibility for the case – the close contact with the client goes hand in hand with increased responsibility for the case. Because of our greater visibility for the client, it is not uncommon for a direct query to land directly on my desk via email or phone. I answer such queries after having consulted my lead partner and then get straight back to the client. I find I rarely only work on a single aspect of a case, but am extensively integrated into the overall matter.

Responsibility for my own career – like many law firms, OPPENHOFF & PARTNER offers excellent legal training. Besides being directly trained “on the case”, the firm offers further training courses on topics such as balance sheets, current legislative amendments or legal English. But I am also able to choose my own focuses, as our further training budget enables me to educate myself further in specific chosen fields of law. My lead partner also advises me on the topics which might be best suited to advance my development as a lawyer.

Responsibility can be demanding, of course.  But responsibility can also be enjoyable, and it is essential to the learning curve. At OPPENHOFF & PARTNER I am not just an employee. Rather, I am first and foremost what I spent my law studies working towards becoming: a lawyer.“

Dr. Johannes Janning


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