"Passionate lawyer and mother"


 Julia Schelcher, Junior Partner, Litigation and Arbitration


“I have been a lawyer since 2007, having previously worked at the Foreign Office. As we have many international enterprises as clients, my work still regularly has a foreign connection. It goes without saying that, as an expert in litigation and arbitration, I particularly enjoying handling complex cases and finding convincing legal arguments to ensure that lawsuits are decided in our clients’ favour.

I became a mother in mid 2011 and returned to work eight months after the birth of my son. The firm created the appropriate framework for me in the form of an individual part-time model. Working within this framework on a day-to-day basis naturally requires flexibility: from colleagues who may have to jump in for me, from me when I need to log into the system of an evening – when my son is asleep – to finish off that urgent brief. I am also fortunate to have a functioning, supporting network: my partner, family, friends and childcare facilities – there are many ways of organising things.

What’s important to me: I still work on exciting and challenging cases and am passionate about being a lawyer – just as I am about being a mum afternoons in the playground. I was encouraged by the fact that – already pregnant – I was nominated junior partner, and this showed me that being a mother and working part-time does not mean that your career has to suffer at our firm.“