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Dr. Axel Wenzel, Partner, about international work and work-life-balance.


"I work in the corporate law/M&A department, with a focus on the provision of corporate law advice to international clients. 
The need for advice and the legal problems requiring professional solutions naturally do not stop at national borders. Foreign group structures, clients’ international business and the provisions of foreign law must always be borne in mind. Our daily work has an international orientation and demands a constant exchange with colleagues in a multitude of jurisdictions.


Having also got to know a typical, characteristically English, major law firm, I can confirm that we perform the same work with great success and to the highest legal standards whilst simultaneously enjoying the benefits of being a smaller unit. At our firm, lawyers are given responsibility at a very early stage and receive further training in legal, economic and “soft skills” in both internal and external educational measures. Our working hours are the standard hours of this line of profession, that is to say long, but – and I can say this having recently become a father of two – not excessively long. It is usually possible to plan your evenings and the weekends are fundamentally free. The work-life-balance, with a certain emphasis on work, is of course compensated with a top salary.


However, what ultimately matters is that the work is enjoyable, for in my opinion top results can only be achieved on a long-term basis if the work is fulfilling and enjoyable. "

Dr. Axel Wenzel, LL.M.


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