"Family and career – two intensive challenges"


Dr. Marc Hilber, Partner, IT&C, Aerospace&Defence


“I’ve been a full-time lawyer at OPPENHOFF & PARTNER since 2001 and a partner of the firm since 2008. In addition to my activities as a lawyer specialising in IT law, I recently also took on managerial duties. On top of this, I became the proud father of a son in 2012 and a daughter two years later in 2014. Since my wife also works, we face the daily challenge of juggling our work and family life. Fortunately, our firm supports this work-life balance. 


My work as a lawyer is challenging, and I enjoy working together with clients to solve complex cases. I primarily handle questions concerning outsourcing and cloud computing, data protection and software projects. Since technology develops at such a fast pace in these areas, and the law along with it, you constantly have to keep up-to-date. Additionally, client’s requests are frequently time-sensitive, which means that complex questions have to be answered quickly or contracts drafted and negotiated at short notice. This requires above-average work input. At the same time, OPPENHOFF & PARTNER offers me great flexibility. Should I unexpectedly be held back at home, this generally isn’t a problem as colleagues will step in for me or I can also handle phone calls whilst I am en route. I generally also manage to get home early enough to spend time with my family, and for me and my wife to put our kids to bed together. Any outstanding work to be done can be handled from the comfort of my own home office.


Of course, this only works with functioning childcare. Insofar, I’m pleased to say that OPPENHOFF & PARTNER cooperates with the Fröbel Group, which runs childcare facilities, and that we are able to help our colleagues find childcare places."



Dr. Marc Hilber, LL.M.


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