"The perfect combination of a lawyer’s work, day-to-day business affairs and enjoying what you do"


On 20 August 2012, the first day of the Sommeruni, it was with pleasant anticipation and high expectations that 14 other trainees and I arrived at the law firm. At nine o’clock precisely we were taken up to the Skylounge for breakfast and a round of introductions. We only had to be given the six-week programme to see that nothing was clearly being left to chance: our mentors joined us and the Sommeruni



Looking back on it, this time was definitely worth if for me in every respect: Not only did we trainees bond together as a team, through the many breakfast lectures, workshops and social events we were given an optimal impression of the lawyers and a very good insight into the work processes of an internationally operative commercial law firm. Our particularly positive impression, which was especially highlighted by all trainees when asked to give our impressions on the last day, was the positive climate and friendliness with which the firm had welcomed us. 


I spent my first three weeks in the Public Law/Regulatory practice. During this time, my mentor entrusted me with tasks requiring that I independently draft possible solutions to client queries. I was always free to approach my mentor or other lawyers with any questions. 


During the second three-week period I joined the anti-trust law practice, an area with which I had not yet come into contact at university – all the better for me that the first week included a lecture on anti-trust law. This gave me an initial impression; during my time in this department I was then able to quickly deal with tasks on cartel prohibitions, intended mergers and the control of abusive practices. 


Particular highlights were the all-day workshops “Negotiation Management”, “M&A” and the “Mini Moot Court”, as well as the individual negotiation simulations in the Legal English course. 


The whole thing was rounded off with many social events such as the legal interns’ regulars’ table or the fortnightly Friday evening social gathering in the Skylounge. At an office outing to a high-ropes adventure park, trainees and lawyers jointly mastered obstacles, overcome fears and rounded off the day with an evening meal. Photos on facebook can testify to our courage. 


The Sommeruni has reinforced my wish to work in a large commercial law firm and has motivated me for my further studies.