"O&P is a firm, that truly cares about supporting young professionals"


Dominic Storms, Bucerius Law School Hamburg, about the Sommeruni@Oppenhoff 2015.


It was with great expectations that all 13 law students commenced Oppenhoff & Partner’s 2015 Sommeruni programme.  The reports by last year’s students  promised us an interesting, diverse and informative six weeks, and we were able to confirm this first hand in the period from 17 August to 25 September.


The Sommeruni's diverse programme included numerous lectures by colleagues from the various practice groups, who introduced us to their areas of work. We were also given plenty of practical experience in the form of workshops on M&A, negotiation management and on professional conduct when handling foreign clients. We also independently worked on larger projects, including a moot court and a project in a field of law that was entirely unfamiliar to us and which we subsequently introduced and presented to a large international insurance group, one of the firm’s actual clients. Considerable thought was also put into team building amongst the students.


Besides the almost daily breakfast lectures, workshops or legal English courses, which covered the handling of the peculiarities of contracts drafted in English, amongst other things, we were also given ample opportunity to work on real cases at the firm. Each student had the chance to spend two three-week periods getting a taste of two different areas of law of his or her choice. This provided us with a realistic impression of the daily routine at a major law firm, which will doubtlessly be of great help to us when choosing which area we wish to focus on at a later point in our law studies. Our role as trainees was far removed from the usual role of “copy boy” and “time-killer”. Once you’d completed one task you were immediately given the next. Our mentors made sure that we were given a healthy mixture of familiar material and new content, always ensuring that the work was interesting and challenging for us. For example, we drafted briefs, memos and e-mails for clients, attended telephone conferences, or were given the chance to accompany lawyers to court.


During our weeks of work experience, we were not only given a taste of life at a real law firm, but also got to know Oppenhoff & Partner as a firm that truly cares about supporting young professionals. We encountered a very amiable working environment, and our colleagues were always committed to helping us and answering our questions.