"More than just another certificate"


"The whole is more than the sum of its parts. This is a phrase which can also be said of the work experience at Oppenhoff & Partner. Already its individual elements are than you would normally expect from a work experience placement.


Over a period of six weeks the law firm took up the task of setting us on course. At regular “breakfast lectures” we were given an insight into areas of law with which we were not personally acquainted. Further features were a Legal English course, workshops and soft skills training.


What were the highlights? The outing to a high-ropes adventure park; the Telephone Skills Workshop, where telephonist Lizzi Jung coached us on our success factor “voice”; an M&A Workshop, in which we could apply the negotiating tricks we had learned in the Negotiation Management Workshop. A heated debate could also be heard from the “Mini Moot Court”, in which we immersed ourselves in the roles of either claimant or defendant to litigate against each other in a somewhat simplified but nevertheless fundamentally real case. In the so-called Image Project we worked in small teams to determine which legal form we could recommend a fictitious client for its project. And finally, our last evening: after a tour through the “Cologne scene” it was off to a cosy pub and, for some us, to a few further stops afterwards...


And what was the added value? The experience of working on real cases in a collegial and friendly working environment. Being integrated into the respective team, given the feeling that you are not just some trainee but a member of such team. 


Whenever I had any questions or problems, not just my mentors but all others were willing to help me out, shedding light on my darkness with their experience, or at the very least helping me out with a jam-packed file full of information. 


All in all: a well-thought out work experience programme that means more than just another certificate."