"Law – up close "


"I had hoped to gain from the Sommeruni at OPPENHOFF & PARTNER an exciting insight into the practice of a large commercial law firm. These expectations had often been disappointed at previous work experience placements at other law firms. Instead of working on cases, the main task had been photocopying and countless attempts to successfully “sit out” the placement


OPPENHOFF & PARTNER’s trainee programme was nothing of the sort, however.  As it turned out, my high expectations were met across the board: the Sommeruni’s well-structured programme already promised considerable diversity and made it quite clear that there would be no room whatsoever for boredom over the next six weeks. Interesting lectures on areas of law with which I had had hardly any contact bis dato alternated with exciting workshops. Whilst we could try out our negotiating skills as bitter opponents in a company purchase during the M&A workshop, we simulated in a “Mini Moot Court” court proceedings and immersed ourselves in the role of lawyers.


At the same time, there was no shortage of team-work opportunities. For three-week spells, we were intensively integrated into the case work of two areas of law of our choice. Looked after by experienced mentors, we learned many new things not only about the legal side of things, but also about the foundations for dealing with clients.


The Sommeruni was rounded off with many social events:  we trainees also grew together as a team through social evenings spent together over a beer, through the Friday-night get-together held in the Skylounge, not to mention the office outing. We also had the opportunity to converse intensively with the lawyers and to gain answers to all our open questions.


The Sommeruni gave me numerous, exciting impressions of the day-to-day work at a commercial law firm and gave me the chance to see outside the framework of my university education: The idea behind the firm’s maxim “legal skills and business sense” became clearer to me as my training progressed. It is this very connection between business thinking and law that attracts me so much that it is my intention to gain further experience in a commercial law firm after this work experience placement and to follow this career path later on.