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Compliance has recently shifted into the spotlight for German companies. But while German and American businesses generally take the same systematic approach to compliance and have developed comparable corporate cultures to address the topic, important differences remain.

Social media

Social media offer enterprises many new opportunities of communicating with stakeholders, especially with customers in the B2C business. However, in the euphoria it is all too common to overlook the new legal risks that are also associated therewith.

Cloud Computing

In virtually no other country is the scepticism about cloud computing as great as it is in Germany. The concerns of enterprises regarding the centralised storage of data. The legislator has reacted and will most likely introduce new provisions to protect such data; its proposals are the subject of hefty debate: How save is the cloud?

Data protection

The German data protection commissioner don´t want to approve data transfers in third party jurisdictions because of the activities of the US intelligence services. Transfer on the basis of EU standard contracts or the EU-US-Safe Harbour treaty wouldn´t be allowed. The EU institution haven´t yet agreed how to deal with this.